Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson Opens Up About Girlfriend Lauren Hashian

Most celebrities don't talk about their personal life, not "the Rock."

ByABC News
June 29, 2015, 1:23 PM
Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian attend Dwayne Johnson's Hands and Footprints Ceremony held at TCL Chinese Theatre, May 19, 2015, in Hollywood.
Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian attend Dwayne Johnson's Hands and Footprints Ceremony held at TCL Chinese Theatre, May 19, 2015, in Hollywood.
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

— -- Most celebrities don't like to talk about their personal life — but not Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.

In fact, during a recent interview with Esquire, he made sure to mention her and his daughter Simone, 13.

"I've lived with my longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, going on, like, eight, nine years now. She's a singer-songwriter. We spend a lot of time with my daughter in Florida, Simone, who's 13. We do these stories and we talk so much about the business end, the success end, but then Lauren isn't mentioned and my daughter isn't mentioned," he told the magazine.

"I always like making sure we find the balance and my home life is in there and Lauren Hashian is in there and my daughter is in there," he added. "You gotta get the better half in there. With all the cool s--- and success that I've been lucky enough to get? That doesn't happen unless the home life is solid."

When "the Rock" asks you to mention his girlfriend, well that's exactly what you do.

Johnson also spoke about life growing up in a wrestling family.

"At a very young age, at 5, I was with my dad down [Rocky Johnson] in the wrestling ring and in the weight room, watching all these guys wrestle ... Everything was dirty: dirty gym, dirty mats. My dad said, 'I'm getting up at six; you're gonna get up at six, too. I'm having my coffee; you have your orange juice. I'm going to the gym; you come to the gym with me,'" he continued.

Asked if he enjoys wrestling or starring movies more, Johnson had a candid response about the lows of the sport.

"Wrestling is intimate. You can reach out and touch the wrestlers. I don't get that connection in movies, but the impact is so much greater. You're able to craft a longer career in movies," he said. "In wrestling, there's a shelf life, and some wrestlers don't pay attention to the shelf life. Mickey Rourke's character in 'The Wrestler' — that was my dad, that was my uncles, that was so many members of my family. It was the only thing they knew. And then they would end up wrestling for a hundred bucks, go to autograph signings for two hundred bucks."

He even said that "The Wrestler" had a lot of truth in the film's story. In one of the opening scenes, Rourke's character, an old, washed-up wrestler, cuts himself with a blade during a match to make it more dramatic.

"I would do blade jobs. I get a call once from the WWE, saying, 'Vince [McMahon] would like to see you in Stamford.' I went to his office, and he says, 'I really think you have a lot of potential, but you're not ready for the WWE. You should go to Memphis, Tennessee. That's where I want you to learn the business.' And as I was leaving, he said, 'You keep working hard, but don't go down there and cut your f----- forehead with razor blades, you understand me?'" he revealed.