Emilia Clarke Explains Fiery Reveal in ‘Game of Thrones’

"That ain’t no body double!” she said.

ByABC News
May 16, 2016, 10:19 AM

— -- So, "Game of Thrones" ended with a fiery reveal last night.


Instead of letting Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis rescue her — or at least attempt to — Daenerys Targaryen, aka the Mother of Dragons, decided to use her powers to set herself free and subdue others ... forever.

Since fire cannot hurt her, she decided to burn down the temple of the Vaes Dothrak, with her and all those who oppose her inside. If there was any doubt that the Mother of Dragons could be hurt by flames, that's gone now!

Daenerys walks right out of the fire, naked and unhurt. The Dothraki all bow down to their new queen.

Clarke told Entertainment Weekly about the scene, "Every season I get at least one spine-chilling moment. I just stand up, and I go, 'I'm hearing what you're all saying, but funny thing, I'm going to kill you all. I forgot that I have an ace in my back pocket, and now I win.'"

Clarke opened up about adding new warriors to her growing crew. "She’s seemingly indestructible, having Dothraki on her side," she said.

If there was question about the nude portion of the scene, Clarke said, "This is all me, all proud, all strong. I'm just feeling genuinely happy I said yes. That ain't no body double!"