'Empire' Recap: Find Out What Happened to Hakeem

Get all the details of last night's episode.

November 5, 2015, 10:18 AM

— -- On Wednesday's episode of "Empire," we finally saw what happened to Hakeem. (Remember in the last episode he was grabbed on the street by unknown assailants?)

He was taken to a loft where he was beat up by random men who all had a cattle tattoo on their backs.

Later, the assailants texted Cookie video of her son and she called on her ex-husband, Lucious, to help get him back safely.

"Why me?" Cookie asked. After all, this was the third time someone messed with an artist on her record label.

"Because you're a rookie on the block and they want to remind you," Lucious told her.

Back at Empire, Andre was in the president's chair and he seemed drunk with power. At a meeting with the entire staff, he said he wanted to meet with each artist. "If they're not up to standard, the new standard, they're going to be dropped," he warned them.

This scared Becky, who was now in a relationship with closeted Christian, MC J Poppa.

Eventually Hakeem was freed, but he's changed forever. In fact, he blamed his family for being kidnapped in the first place. "None of this wouldn't have happened if I wasn't your son," he said.

But who was really to blame? Viewers may have gotten a hint. When Cookie went to release the sexual tension between her and her new security chief, Delgado, we see he had the same cattle tattoo as the assailants.

Did he set up Cookie? Find out next Wednesday when "Empire" returns at 9 p.m. Eastern on Fox.

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