'Entourage' Movie Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Get all the details of the film, starring Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven.

Rated R

Four out of five stars

Vince (Adrian Grenier) has just annulled his very brief marriage, so when we first see him and his friends, they’re partying on what looks to be a $100 million yacht off the coast of Ibiza with mostly women, many of whom are topless, and only a handful of guys. It’s not long before Vince is on the phone with his former agent, Ari (Jeremy Piven), who’s now the head of a studio and wants Vinny to star in the very first movie he makes. Vinny’s willing, as long as he directs the movie.

Cue Jane’s Addiction! (The band’s “Superhero” is the "Entourage" theme song. In case you were wondering.)

In the meantime, E, or Eric (Kevin Connolly), is no longer with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). But she is nine months pregnant with his child, so they attend Lamaze classes together while Eric, uncharacteristically, is sleeping with other women.

I’ll leave the story there. This isn’t a knock on the series but it turns out “Entourage,” the movie, may also be the best episode of "Entourage," the TV show. It’s hard to prepare anybody for the dizzying number of celebrity cameos packed into this movie, just about every one of which is great. You are going to laugh, a lot.