Erin Andrews on Playful 'DWTS' Interviews: 'It's Not Like I'm Grilling Them'

"You better ask the question everybody wants to know," she added.

ByABC News
April 9, 2014, 2:00 PM
Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron appear as hosts on Dancing With the Stars.
Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron appear as hosts on Dancing With the Stars.
Adam Taylor/ABC

April 9, 2014 — -- Erin Andrews has made an immediate impact on "Dancing with the Stars," asking the questions that people really want to know.

As the show's new co-host, don't expect the veteran sports reporter to simply ask the partners how they feel about their dance routines. Instead, she wants to be "playful" and ask them questions that the audience is thinking about anyway, Andrew said.

"I think I'm doing a good job," Andrews told ABC News. "I'm sitting here right now and I have Michael Strahan on ['LIVE with Kelly and Michael'], who I look up to a lot. The biggest thing I would like to do and what I told the producers, 'I just want to be really good about being playful.' I love watching Strahan and how playful he is with his guests and he makes them feel so comfortable."

Andrews, 35, said she admires how Strahan "either makes fun of himself or playfully makes fun of other people."

"In the sports world, I can't be like that," she said. "On 'Dancing with the Stars,' they don't want me to be so serious, The cool part about doing this show is showing I have a bit of a personality and playful side."

And Andrews has gotten a lot of buzz for her candid comments and questions -- not holding back when it comes to the personal lives of the dancers.

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"I know it's been different for the dancers, it's not like I'm grilling them, like the James [Maslow] and Peta [Murgatroyd] thing this past week, I didn't ask them if they were dating, just like, 'Please say you are!" she added. "My girlfriends want them to date, they are so adorable together!"

She continued, "Since I was 21 years old working in sports, especially being a female in the sports world, you better ask the question everybody wants to know. Because if you don't, you don't know the game, you don't know the sport, you don't know what you're talking about and you're not going to be on the sidelines for very long."

Many fans have appreciated these bold questions coming from the ballroom, one in particular Julianne Hough, a "DWTS" icon in her own right and former pro, who said she think Andrews has made a seamless transition.

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"I think Erin is doing fantastic," Hough gushed to ABC. "She's really fun and fresh. She's a little snarky. It's kind of fun and the celebrities and dancers are really enjoying it. It's fun to watch."

Andrews spoke to ABC to discuss her busy schedule and how 100% Florida Orange Juice is vital when you're a busy women, "living out of a suitcase."

"It's great for me," she said. "Especially being on the road and making sure I get what I need to get me through the day."

Speaking of getting through the day, Andrews revealed who she thinks has a real shot of making it through to the end this year on "DWTS."

"Obviously Charlie and Meryl are just flawless and fantastic dancers," she said. "I think Danica is obviously very good and how could you even not think twice about Amy Purdy. We watched her the other night and I looked at my boyfriend and I said, 'Keep in mind, she doesn't have legs!' He was like, 'I forget that because she's so good!'"