E*Trade Strikes Back Against Lindsay Lohan's 'Milkaholic' Lawsuit

For E*Trade, Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit isn't child's play.

According to the New York Post, the financial services firm has struck back against the actress, who filed a $100 million lawsuit against E*Trade in March, claiming its "milkaholic" TV ad defamed her.

E*Trade's lawyers filed hundreds of papers in New York's Nassau County Supreme Court, detailing Lohan's dalliances with drugs and alcohol, purportedly to prove she lives in Hollywood and not Long Island, where her lawsuit was filed.

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Lindsay Lohan E-Trade Lawsuit

E*Trade's aim: to change the court fight from Long Island to Manhattan, where its headquarters is located.

The 23-year-old actress is currently on probation after admitting to drunken driving and cocaine possession in 2007.

The papers include a slew of Internet quotes that, it could be argued, paint her in a poorer light than E*Trade's ad ever did. One commenter quoted in the papers calls Lohan "a pot-stirring, lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen."

Lohan's mother told the Post that E*Trade's actions will only help her daughter's case.

"This is the whole reason we are suing them -- for demeaning Lindsay," Dina Lohan said. "They are just proving how they operate -- they play dirty."

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Lindsay Lohan Cast to Play Linda Lovelace

Lohan, in her $100 million lawsuit, claims a "milkaholic" baby girl who appeared in a recent commercial was modeled after her.

Lohan alleged that the online brokerage's use in the ad of the girl, also named Lindsay, improperly invoked her "likeness, name, characterization and personality" without permission, violating her right to privacy. She also demanded that E*Trade stop running the ad and turn over all copies to her.

E*Trade's ad unrolled during the Feb. 7 Super Bowl. In it, a baby boy apologizes to his girlfriend through a video chat for not calling her the night before, saying he was on E*Trade. The camera switches to the girl, who asks suspiciously, "And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn't over?"

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The camera then switches back to the boy, who replies, with apparent unease, "Lindsay?" before another baby girl, presumably Lindsay, moves into the frame and asks, "Milk-a-what?"

Reuters contributed to this report.