Evan Rachel Wood Joins Crush Of Stars Coming Out of the Closet

Evan Rachel Wood reveals she's bisexual, says she's "dominant" with women.

April 20, 2011 — -- For Evan Rachel Wood, gender isn't an issue.

"I'm up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl," the "True Blood" actress said in an interview in the latest issue of Esquire magazine. It's the first time Wood, 23, talked publicly about being bisexual.

Wood said that she's "kind of like the guy when it comes to girls."

"I'm the dominant one," she said. "I'm opening the doors, I'm buying dinner. Yeah, I'm romantic."

Wood famously dated rocker Marilyn Manson for three years before splitting in 2010. His oddities attracted her, and she told Esquire, "'I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls ... I'm into androgyny in general."

But Wood is also attracted to traditionally feminine features. She co-starred with Kate Winslet in the HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce" and said she would "marry" Winslet if she could.

Wood is the latest star to open up about her sexuality. Below, check out other celebrities who have recently revealed they're not heterosexual:

Amber Heard

In December, "Pineapple Express" actress Amber Heard walked the red carpet of GLAAD's 25th anniversary celebration with her girlfriend of two years, artist and photographer Tasya van Ree.

Afterward, speaking to the gay-focused entertainment site AfterEllen.com, Heard, 24, said she felt a responsibility to publicly discuss her sexuality.

"I think when I became aware of my role in the media, I had to ask myself an important question, 'Am I part of the problem?'" she said. "I think that the injustice of people staying in the closet is more than I can bear with a clear conscience, and I couldn't sleep at night if I was a part of that problem, if I was part of the lies."

Asked about van Ree, Heard said, "She's so beautiful. I mean, you'd have to be crazy not to want to go out with her!"

Anna Paquin

Last April, Wood's "True Blood" co-star, Anna Paquin, also revealed that she's bisexual. Paquin did so through a PSA for the "Give a Damn" campaign, which features stars speaking out for equality.

"I'm Anna Paquin. I'm bisexual and I give a damn," Paquin said in the PSA. Before its release, she hadn't spoken out about her sexuality. In June, she opened up.

"I'm not someone who endlessly talks about her personal life for no reason, but obviously, as someone who identifies as bisexual, those are issues I really care about -- and frankly, I don't see why everyone doesn't care about them," she told the blog Zap2it. "It wasn't like it was a big secret. It was just a cause I cared about and privately supported, but not one that I had ever had an opportunity to speak out about in a way that would be useful."

At the time, Paquin was engaged to Stephen Moyer, another "True Blood" co-star. They wed in August.

Ricky Martin

Pop star Ricky Martin came out in March 2010.

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man," Martin wrote on his website. "I am very blessed to be who I am."

This year, Martin launched a tour pegged to the release of his latest album, "Musica + Alma + Sexo." Earlier this month, he told the Chicago Sun Times that he's never been in a better place.

"To be back onstage after so many years and being able to see the reaction of the audience after two very beautiful years where I released an album, I became a father, I came out, and from the fans and the media, the reaction has been so positive, so warm and loving to me," he said. "I really can't complain."

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