Exclusive: Donnie Wahlberg Talks Love of Photography, 'Exciting' Wedding to Jenny McCarthy

He dishes on who walked her down the aisle and who gave a sweet toast.

But the "Blue Bloods" star, 45, doesn't have too much time to relax. He's got important pictures to take.

"It [was] very fun, very exciting, still recovering," he told ABC News, laughing about his wedding in Chicago on Sunday. "All of it, it was just really great."

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Wahlberg spoke to ABC News as part of a collaboration with Canon that will help further a passion he's had for years.

"I haven't really been a taker of photography," he said of his collaboration for the Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses interactive gallery. "[But] I grew up in the business working with a lot of legendary rock 'n' roll photographers. I've always loved looking at photography. I'm sort of obsessed with the classic photos. ... I have a strong interest in this art form."

Wahlberg will take pictures of and inspired by his native Boston over the next few weeks and then host a gallery opening featuring his work on Sept. 17. The City Senses tour will take place in three cities -- Boston, Austin and Seattle -- with all the pictures printed on PIXMA PRO printers from Canon.

The veteran actor, who says he's now "becoming a student of the lens" by taking photos and directing episodes of his hit show, also added that this medium is something that can help him bond with his children.

"My younger son [Elijah, 13,] is very interested in art and photography already. He can help me and it's something we can do together," he said. "As I've gotten older, I've sort of slowed down and am more interested in capturing moments myself."

A few moments Wahlberg said he'll never forget from his wedding include McCarthy's son Evan, 12, playing a key role in the ceremony, walking his mother, 41, down the aisle, and his own son getting involved in the joyous occasion.

"I think seeing Jenny come down the aisle with her son and hearing my son's toast were probably two of the highlights for sure," he said.