Exclusive: Riley From Disney-Pixar's 'Inside Out' Returns in New Animated Short, 'Riley's First Date'

Is “Inside Out”’s Riley going on her first date? Find out in a new short film.

ByABC News
August 13, 2015, 8:27 AM
Here's an exclusive sneak peek at Disney-Pixar's new animated short film, 'Riley's First Date.'
Here's an exclusive sneak peek at Disney-Pixar's new animated short film, 'Riley's First Date.'

— -- Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out” captured audiences’ imagination with its portrayal of a girl’s feelings, personifying five emotions so viewers could see inside the mind of the main character, Riley.

The emotion in charge, Joy, worked alongside fellow emotions Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, all to make sure the 11-year-old stayed happy.

The studio is releasing a new animated short based on the film, “Riley's First Date,” where viewers see Riley one year later. The new short will be included as an exclusive bonus feature in the October 13 digital HD release and the November 3 Blu-ray releases of “Inside Out.”

In an exclusive preview clip that aired on “Good Morning America” Thursday, the now 12-year-old Riley is hanging out at home with her parents in San Francisco when a boy shows up at the door and asks whether their daughter was at home.

The clip gives viewers insight into her parents’ emotions as they wonder whether the visitor is Riley’s first date. Confronted by the visitor, Riley’s father’s emotions go on immediate red alert, screaming “Boy! Boy! Boy!”

Riley’s mother’s emotions take a different approach. Among themselves, they discuss how best to approach Riley to ask her what’s going on.

Actors Kyle MacLachlan voices Riley’s father, while actress Diane Lane plays her mother. The voice cast also includes actors Kaitlyn Dias, Ben Cox, Amy Poehler, Lewis Black and Mindy Kaling.

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