Fall Movie Preview 2016

It's that time of year when typically the best movies hit theaters.

— -- Get ready, get set, let's go! Fall will be here before you know it. That means some of the best movies of the year will finally make their way into theaters. So what should you see? Film critic Peter Travers has just released his Fall Movie Preview of 2016. This is the list you don’t want to miss.


“This is for all you Potter maniacs that cannot believe that J.K. Rowling has stopped writing Harry Potter books," Travers said. “Guess what? She wrote her first screenplay for this movie. We don't get to see the boy wizard because this thing is set in 1925 in New York which is basically the year Lord Voldemort was born. So you're not going to see Harry. But you're going to see Eddie Redmayne playing a guy who’s a zoologist who's got these fantastic creatures in his bag. And when he's in New York he lets them out."


This year you can get ahead of the Oscars game so you’re not scrambling to squeeze in viewing time for all of the nominations at the last minute. Travers says there are some early front-runners. His list includes “Manchester by the Sea.”

“It stars Casey Affleck as a guy who’s dealing with tragedy in his life,” said Travers. “Michelle Williams plays his wife. It's done by a playwright named Kenneth Lonergan, who is one of the best writers, screenwriters that I know,” Travers said. “This is the best thing he's ever done. You see this movie, it pins you to your seat.”

“Denzel directs it. I'm saying how can this miss? To me this is that kind of movie that responds to what the Academy didn't do last year,” said Travers.


“This is one of his very best performances,” Travers said of Hanks.

“In this case, Joseph Gordon is playing this guy who believes we should see every document, we should have full disclosure of what the government is doing,” said Travers. “Oliver Stone has directed it so things are going to be stirred up.”


The all-new original Netflix movie “Mascots” makes the list for comedy. It’s a mockumentary about competitive world of sports mascots.

“This is so off the wall as a movie,” Travers said. ”And yet if you're ever seen a Christopher Guest movie, you’ll want to line up and see that one.”


This has already been a great year in animated films. From Disney’s “Zootopia” and “The Jungle Book” to “The Secret Life of Pets.” Call it perhaps a wealth of riches, but there’s more to come. Travers' list features several animated films including “Sing,” an “American Idol”-style animated flick with animals. Animated films, he says, are “putting live action films to shame.”

Disney’s “Moana” (Moe-AH-nah) also makes the cut. It’s the story of a Polynesian girl who sets set sail to learn more about her ancestors' past.

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Peter Travers has included additional films in his Fall Movie preview in each category above. To get the complete list, be sure to watch the full video.