'Fear the Walking Dead' Recap: 'Captive'

Find out what happened last night!


Sunday's episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" started with Alicia captive on board the mysterious Connor's ship as he cooks a steak for her. She's more concerned about Jack, the guy who helped lure her over the radio -- and, of course, her family.

She digs in only to have Vida, the pregnant hijacker, steal her grub.

Alicia skulks around until she finds the massive ship she's on is actually in dry dock.

Jack spots her and shoos her back inside. She insists on seeing her family, who is reportedly being taken to dry land and kicked off the Abigail. He insists he'll get her some information.

On board the ship, smarmy pirate Reed is still impaled, but talking smack to Daniel and Chris. Daniel isn't fazed. The truly horrible people he's met never had to boast about how frightening they are, he says coolly, later explaining to Chris that Reed is scared. As proof, Daniel manages to get Reed to give up that Connor is his brother -- a key piece of information.

Meantime, Maddie steams to the bad guys, on a mission to get her family back; Luis insists they don't, but his partner Strand gives in -- because she rescued Strand from the frigid water.

On board Connor's ship, Jack trains Alicia to "reel in" other ships. She goes along with it.

Elsewhere in the boat, Travis comes to and tries to escape. He meets up with Alex, the female who Strand let drift off on the raft. She survived -- although the boy she was left to care for didn't; she explains he asked her to kill him rather than have him drown. With a major ax to grind, she tells Travis that as payback, she helped guide Connor's pirates to the Abigail -- in other words, it wasn't all Alicia's fault.

While looking out for other boats, Alicia detects the Abigail is on the way back to them -- meaning there wasn't enough time for the pirates to have safely dropped off her family as promised. Jack then admits Reed was just supposed to kill everyone on the Abigail. Alicia doesn't know that her family members have taken back the boat, and are now on a rescue mission.

She also plans with Jack to make their escape when they send Connor off to explore another ship.

On the Abigail, Strand spots the dry-docked ship and they prepare to attack. Meanwhile, Reed keeps trying to rile up Chris, and predictably, it works. Nick intervenes and shuts the door between the captive and Chris, and talks him down over Chris' guilt that his inaction set the hijacking in motion.

On Connor's boat, Alicia meets with Travis and tells him of her plan to escape. He urges her to leave him if she has to.

Connor sees the Abigail and assumes the crew has been killed, and Reed is steaming back as ordered. Madison instead makes contact with Connor and bargains her family for Reed, unharmed.

Just then, the Abigail folks hear a shot, and find Chris holding a gun. He executed Reed, insisting he had to because he "was going to turn." Maddie seems not to believe him, but says she does anyway.

On board, Nick and Ofelia clean up the dead Reed, who starts to turn. Nick moves to dispatch, but Daniel has other plans: he pins the impaled walker Reed to a closet door with the other end of his metal bar.

They prep walker Reed with a hood over his head and walk him on a deck, "Bridge of Spies"-style, to trade him for Travis. They shove him toward an unsuspecting Connor, who unhoods his brother too late to discover he's turned. Walker Reed bites Connor and his henchman. Travis and Maddie dispatch the henchman, and Alicia leaves Jack behind; jumping into the water to join her family.