Funniest Responses to Celebrity Death Hoaxes

PHOTO: Macaulay Culkin of The Pizza Underground performs on stage at Riot Fest Chicago 2014Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images
Macaulay Culkin of The Pizza Underground performs on stage at Riot Fest Chicago 2014 at Humboldt Park, Sept. 13, 2014 in Chicago.

intro: Macaulay Culkin is the latest target of a celebrity death hoax, and like other stars before him, he responded to the news of his early demise with humor.

The 34-year-old star of the first two "Home Alone" movies, "My Girl" and "Uncle Buck," took to Instagram to debunk the reports. He did so by parodying a scene from the 1989 movie "Weekend at Bernie's" about two insurance company workers who discover their boss, Bernie, is dead but spend the rest of the film carting his body around to maintain the illusion that he's still alive.

With the help of his bandmate in The Pizza Underground, his Velvet Underground tribute group, Culkin poked fun at the rumors.

Weekend at bernies with @anchovywarhol #greenroom

Una foto publicada por The Pizza Underground (@cheesedayz) on Nov 11, 2014 at 11:20 PST


And in case there was any doubt that he's very much alive, he posted a second pic.

We're on tour you silly people / @anchovywarhol's ??

A photo posted by The Pizza Underground (@cheesedayz) on Nov 11, 2014 at 1:26pm PST

It's not the first time the star was the target of a death hoax. Reports also surfaced in April.

Nor is he likely to be the last celebrity target. Check out some other clever responses from celebrities to news of their own deaths.

Wayne Knight

Jon Bon Jovi

Morgan Freeman

Reba McEntire In 2012, Reba McEntire debunked her death hoax on her WhoSay page: "There is a rumor going around that I died after falling off a mountain in Austria yesterday while shooting a movie. While I would love to be shooting a movie in Austria, I definitely did not fall off a mountain! Nor am I dead! I am alive and kicking!!! Most of you know this already because I've been giving you daily accounts of Shelby's race. Oh well. Have a great day."

Zach Braff Back in 2009, Zach Braff nipped a death rumor in the bud by filming a video from the set of his hit series, "Scrubs."

Channing Tatum

Russell Brand