Fun's Jack Antonoff Slams Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

But he says he likes Taylor Swift.

— -- Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff thinks there is a lot of terrible music out there -- but that Taylor Swift is doing some great music.

"There's a lot of junk. People have to spread out and find more interesting stuff, because they're not being fed it the way they're supposed to be. Radio, all that media, there's supposed to be a responsibility to feed the good stuff to the people," Antonoff told GQ.

"There was this divide that I felt like existed between great classic songwriting and great production, because no one wanted to seem like anyone else. Like, I talk to A&R guys about this, and they say they don't want the music to sound too "indie," which is a fancy way of saying they don't want it to sound good."

So what music does the guitarist and boyfriend of "Girls" star Lena Dunham like?

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"I love 'Yeezus,'" he said of Kanye West's album. "I think it's one of the coolest-sounding things ever. And I think Taylor Swift is one of the best songwriters ever."

He added, "Taylor Swift is cool, because she's the closest thing today that hearkens to Michael Jackson -- to great, great pop music. There's a difference between her and Gaga and Katy Perry and Lily Allen and all that. It all feels throwaway, comparatively."

Antonoff spoke to GQ in promotion of his other band Bleachers and it's latest release.

Antonoff added that generations of music like the 1990's just had better content.

"The world was a slightly better place—we were a much more connected generation," he said. "You know, Eddie Vedder made a big political point, and we all heard it. Billy Corgan put on silver pants and shaved his head, and we were all, like, 'Cool.' We all saw it. That's a little bit lost nowadays. It's not like you can look at an 18-year-old and think, I know what he listens to. It's just so broad."