Ginger Zee on Baby Adrian and Her Most Emotional 'DWTS' Performance Yet

Ginger Zee on Her Emotional 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance

I had a very special guest this week for "My Most Memorable Year" performance -- my 3-month-old son. The moment Adrian came around the corner during “Dancing With the Stars,” I didn't care about the scores coming across the screen or all of the glitz and glamour surrounding me. I went into full Mamma Bear mode. My baby was crying and I was going to make it all better.

I decided to fly Adrian out to “DWTS” because I actually end up having more time in LA compared to the current craze in New York. He did so well on his first flight. I was so proud. (Exhausted, but proud). We stood up most of the flight rocking and consoling him. It worked. Five hours and seven compliments from fellow passengers later, Adrian is now a traveler!

As soon as we got the baby settled, I went to get my costume fitting. Our look this week was softer and more pedestrian. Something you would see normal folks wear. The dance was dedicated to our life and our family and I was so excited to perform.

We had an awesome two days of rehearsals, but when camera blocking came Monday, Val's back was giving out -- likely from lifting me, a non-dancer all week -- and I was just off. I walked off the set. All the pressure and emotions built up and I couldn't deal. I had to let it out. I cried, Val consoled me, and we got right back to work.

That's why when we executed our dance and the emotions overtook me, I still considered it a 10. Even better was the surprise of my baby and Ben coming around the corner while the judges gave their scores. Crying or not, this dance was for my family and my family was there.

It was way too late for him and the crowd was loud and startled him, but Mama Bear got him to a quieter place. Then my real husband, Ben, and my dance husband, Val, hushed him to sleep.

I'm so looking forward to Disney week next. I'll be Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and Val will be Gaston. I love it. We are doing the song, “Bonjour,” which I sing in the shower regularly. I can't wait to share another dance.

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