Alyson Stoner: What Little Girl From the Missy Elliott Videos Looks Like Now

Alyson Stoner is all grown up and talks about working with her.

Well, Stoner, is 21 and still dancing.

She not only posted a tribute video to Elliott, but also spoke to Buzzfeed about her time working with the rap icon.

Stoner said she has that pink jumpsuit "somewhere in a storage bin" and these days "when Missy comes on the radio or in public, I immediately pause, feel so sentimental, and start replaying memories in my head."

She also revealed her favorite video of Missy's that she danced in.

"My favorite video to film was 'Work It' because it began the incredible road ahead. Missy was protective and thoughtful of us kids, removing us from the mature scenes and using the clean version when we filmed," she added.