Top 15 Moments from the 2011 Golden Globes

'The Social Network' won big while host Ricky Gervais insulted everyone.

Jan. 17, 2011 — -- Social networking and snark dominated the 2011 Golden Globes, with "The Social Network" scoring four awards and Ricky Gervais steering the ceremony with piercing wit.

David Fincher's movie about the founding of Facebook won the Golden Globes for best dramatic film, best screenplay, best director, and best original score. But major acting awards were spread across the board: Natalie Portman won best dramatic actress for "Black Swan," Colin Firth best dramatic actor for "The King's Speech."

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"The Kids Are Alright" scored top honors in the comedic realm, winning the award for best non-dramatic film. Annette Bening, who stars alongside Julianne Moore in the movie about a lesbian couple whose children seek out their biological father, picked up the award for best comedic actress. Paul Giamatti took home the best comedic actor trophy for "Barney's Version."

For the second year in a row, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association lavished accolades on "Glee" which won Globes for best supporting actress (Jane Lynch), best supporting actor (Chris Colfer) and best comedic series. HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" dominated the drama front, winning the award for best dramatic series and best dramatic actor (Steve Buscemi).

Ultimately, all the awards served as a vehicle for comedy. In his second stint hosting what's often Hollywood's most uninhibited awards show, Gervais insulted pretty much all the A-listers in attendance and swung at a few who were not. A few actors -- Steve Carell, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr. -- dared to push back; most went with the flow and let Gervais lure them into making their own off-the-cuff comments. Robert de Niro joked about acting only so he could put his kids through private school; Portman called her "Black Swan" co-star Mila "sweet lips" Kunis.

As a result, the night's most memorable moments came in the form of quips. Below, 15 outrageous/in-your-face/funny quotes from the Golden Globes:

Gervais on the lack of nominations for "Sex and the City 2:" "I thought the Golden Globe for special effects would go to the team that airbrushed that poster … Girls, we know how old you are."

Gervais on "I Love You Phillip Morris:" "Also not nominated, 'I Love You Phillip Morris.'

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Memorable Moments From the 2011 Golden Globes

Gervais offering advice to Crystal Harris, 24, the fiance of Hugh Hefner, 84: "Don't worry. Hold out. Just don't look at it when you touch it."

Chris Colfer, accepting the best comedic supporting actor award for "Glee:" "I think I just dropped my heart between Natalie Portman and Juilanne Moore, so if anyone sees that, please give it back to me."

Colfer dedicating his award: "Most importantly, to all the amazing kids that watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates that are constantly told 'no' by bullies in their school and they can't be who they are ... Well, screw that, kids."

Andrew Garfield stuttering while introducing "The Social Network:" "Inspiri -- inspir -- OK, here we go. Inspiringly written by Aaron Sorkin. Alright! I appreciate the supportive room."

Alec Baldwin to co-presenter Jennifer Lopez: "That was close. I almost wore the exact same thing."

Robert Downey Jr., following Ricky Gervais' introduction which cited his stints at the Betty Ford Center and Los Angeles County Jail: "Aside from the fact that it's been hugely mean spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I'd say the vibe of the show is pretty good so far, wouldn't you?"

"Toy Story 3" director Lee Unkrich to presenters Justin Bieber and Haylee Steinfeld, "Wow, were you two even born when the first 'Toy Story' came out?"

Jane Lynch, accepting the best comedic supporting actress award for "Glee:" "I am nothing if not falsely humble."

Robert De Niro, accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award: "I'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Thank you for this extraordinary honor. I was very moved and gratified when you made the announcement two months ago, well before you had the chance to review 'Little Fockers.'"

De Niro on security deporting HFPA members, Golden Globes waiters and Javier Bardem: "For the rest of you, I hope your papers are in order because homeland security will be checking them, just as soon as they're through with the full body scans of Megan Fox."

Paul Giamatti, accepting the best comedic actor award for Barney's Version: "I'm a little jacked up because I ate five boxes of the free Godiva chocolates. I just saw Godiva chocolate -- I've never seen so many Godiva chocolates. And Halle Berry."

Natalie Portman, accepting the best dramatic actress award for "Black Swan:" Thank you to Benjamin [Millepied, her fiance] … Benjamin choreographed the film and also you might remember him in the movie as the guy when they ask 'Would you sleep with that girl?' and he's like, 'Psh, no.' He's the best actor, it's not true, he totally wants to sleep with me!"

Michael Douglas, who recently declared he's cancer free, walking to the presenters podium to wild applause: "There's got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation."

Full List of Winners of the 2011 Golden Globes


-- Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, "The Fighter."

-- Original Score: "The Social Network."

-- Original Song: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," (written by Diane Warren), "Burlesque."

-- Actress, Musical or Comedy: Annette Bening, "The Kids Are All Right."

-- Animated Film: "Toy Story 3."

-- Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, "The Social Network."


-- Series, Drama: "Boardwalk Empire," HBO.

-- Actor, Drama: Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalk Empire."

-- Actress, Drama: Katey Sagal, "Sons of Anarchy."

-- Miniseries or Movie: "Carlos," Sundance Channel.

-- Actress, Miniseries or Movie: Claire Danes, "Temple Grandin."

-- Actor, Miniseries or Movie: Al Pacino, "You Don't Know Jack."

-- Supporting Actress, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Jane Lynch, "Glee."

-- Supporting Actor, Series, Miniseries or Movie: Chris Colfer, "Glee."

Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert De Niro.

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