Gwendoline Christie remembers hilarious moment with Carrie Fisher and her dog

PHOTO: Gwendoline Christie joined "The View" to discuss a sweet memory she had of Carrie Fisher, the newest "Star Wars" film and more.PlayABC
WATCH Gwendoline Christie says who would win between Brienne of Tarth and Captain Phasma

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" star Gwendoline Christie will never forget an incident she experienced with Carrie Fisher, her "Star Wars" co-star, and Fisher's French bulldog.

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"Gary Fisher, Carrie's dog, wandered in and immediately passed wind!" Christie said today on "The View." "It was quite an intense experience for everyone."

Christie said the moment happened shortly after she met Fisher, at an interview promoting the film. "That was my introduction!" she exclaimed.

Christie said Carrie actually spoke about it in the interview, saying: "Something's just happened in the room. A dog fart has happened so strong that you could hang a picture off it!"

Christie has admired Fisher for many years, starting at age 6 when she first saw the original "Star Wars" movie.

"What she was bringing to the role was a real generosity of spirit — her sense of humor, her bravery, her refusal to conform — it inspired me," Christie said.

She continued, "Even in my infant mind, I remember thinking, I like her, she's not like all the other women I see on TV. She felt different."

Christie also weighed in on the debate of who would win in a fight between Brienne of Tarth from "Game of Thrones" and Captain Phasma of "Star Wars" — two roles she has famously played.

"What I'm proposing is this — let's find out," Christie said. "I'm thinking one half of me [is] Brienne of Tarth, the other half of me, Captain Phasma — and let me fight myself. Now that is a movie."

Christie said stunt director C.C. Smiff, whom she worked with on "Game of Thrones," taught her to fight in the latest "Star Wars" movie.

Christie and Smiff spent "three months together, three or four days a week" training to "fight and sword fight."

"He gave me courage to take that step, to go further and ... to really sit in my own power and sit in Brienne's power, which is far greater than mine," Christie said.