Harrison Ford Plane Crash Described by Golfing Spine Surgeon

Sanjay Khurana quickly recognized the famous pilot after crash.

— -- Spine surgeon Sanjay Khurana was playing golf Thursday when a single-engine, World War II-era plane crashed on the course.

Khurana operated on instinct, he says, running to the scene to ensure the pilot was safe.

“He was stunned a bit,” Khurana said. “He was moaning and in pain.”

Khurana says he quickly recognized the famous pilot.

Ford, 72, was later hospitalized in “fair to moderate” condition, said Patrick Butler of the Los Angeles Fire Department. His publicist, Ina Treciokas, described the actor’s injuries as non-life-threatening.

The vintage airplane that Ford was piloting clipped a tree before crashing, Jones said.

Hours after the crash, Khurana remained surprised by what occurred.

“You don't go golfing expecting to see an airplane crash and to help extract someone and realize it's someone you know from the movies, right? It's fairly bizarre,” he said.

“But as a surgeon, I've been practicing for almost over a decade now, you deal with urgent situations. So you have to do your best for someone in distress.”