'DWTS' Erin Andrews Shares Details of 'Active, Healthy' Life with NHL Boyfriend

The "Dancing With the Stars" host is dating NHL star Jarret Stoll.

April 15, 2014 — -- "Dancing with the Stars" host Erin Andrews is doing it her way -- and on her timeline.

"There's definitely a demographic of girls who put their careers first, didn't have time for babies, didn't have time to date, and that's me," she told ABC News. "I'm 35, I just moved in with someone, [and now] we are talking about having a life together."

Andrews, who is dating NHL star Jarret Stoll, went on "The View" a few weeks back and said kids are still a little ways away, so freezing her eggs wasn't out of the question.

"That show is very into what women are doing, what they are up to, their love lives," she said. "I got great feedback from that. It's a different side that you don't see when I'm doing a 15-second hit on a guy tearing his ACL on the field."

And Andrews is enjoying showing another side to her personality on "DWTS."

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"In the sports world, I can't be like that," she said. "On 'Dancing with the Stars,' they don't want me to be so serious. The cool part about doing this show is showing I have a bit of a personality and playful side."

A relationship, traveling for work, covering sports and hosting a national show can take a toll on anyone, so Andrews makes sure to take care of her body inside and out.

Andrews spoke to ABC to discuss her busy schedule and how 100% Florida Orange Juice is vital when you're a busy women, "living out of a suitcase."

"I’m really big obviously on working out, trying to get every workout I can in during the week," she said of being busy, but staying healthy. "There is pressure to obviously stay in shape, be able to deal with such a hectic schedule, crazy schedule. Television, the sports world, now the dancing world, there's obviously a lot of pressure to look a certain way, but also to be able to handle how hectic all the traveling is."

She added: "It’s not easy to be on a plane for 5, 6 hours and have to go look fabulous."

Stoll, being a pro athlete, "is in incredible shape," she noted.

"You have to be to play in the NHL, he’s very good about taking care if his body and getting his workouts in and making sure he eats right," she added. "We both love to eat, we both love to go out and try different restaurants in our area. I guess we both live a very active and healthy lifestyle."

What are their favorite meals to make at home?

"He likes to grill, I don’t know what guy doesn't like to grill," she said. "Salmon, any sort of fish, we love sushi. Not too big of a fry couple."