'Hitman: Agent 47' and 'American Ultra' Movie Reviews

Two movies inspired by the same idea are being released the same weekend.

— -- "Hitman: Agent 47," Rated R, Two out of five stars

"American Ultra," Rated R, Three-and-a-half out of five stars

Eight years later, Rupert Friend plays the exact same character Olyphant did. To make a confusing and ridiculous story more simple to understand, we’re now told the government sanctioned a secret program to create extraordinary, genetically engineered secret agents. Agent 47 is one of them, and has been tasked with finding the program’s creator before the nefarious “Syndicate” gets its hands on him in an effort to create an army of super assassins.

Really, Hollywood? Two movies inspired by the same idea, released the same weekend?

At least one of these movies is worth seeing. The other one is not. Care to take a guess? Go with the movie written by John Landis’ son and starring two actors who’ve had on-screen success together before. That would be Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Remember 2009’s "Adventureland"?

Eisenberg has taken some PR hits lately but neither they, nor his often misunderstood demeanor, should detract from his frenetic, brilliant portrayal of Mike, a character not exactly original but Eisenberg, Landis and director Nima Nourizadeh -- here helming only his second feature, the first being the 2012 comedy "Project X" -- collaborate to make Mike jump off the screen and a joy to watch, no matter how many people he stabs with kitchen utensils. And not that she apparently cares, but I feel a bit bad people assume Kristen Stewart is a bad actress because of the wooden character she played in the "Twilight" movies. She’s a formidable presence here, as she has been in just about every film in which her character doesn’t want to sleep with a vampire.