Hockey Fans Chime In to Help Singer After Technical Glitch

A young singer gets help from hockey fans to finish the national anthem.

Jan. 14, 2011— -- For 8-year-old Elizabeth Hughes, a little teamwork went a long way Friday night.

In the aspiring singer's breakaway performance on the Norfolk Admirals Hockey rink in Norfolk, Va., Elizabeth's microphone cut out unexpectedly while performing the national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner."

The young performer remained composed and without missing a beat, a chorus of voices chimed in. In a heartwarming show of patriotism, the whole stadium joined Elizabeth for the remainder of the song.

Elizabeth's mother, Dorothy Shiloff Hughes, stood behind her daughter hoping "she didn't lose it after all that rehearsal time."

And to everyone's relief, she didn't.

After the game, Dorothy Hughes posted the clip filmed by her husband, Ralph, on YouTube and since Saturday more than 1.6 million people have viewed the two minute video.

"I was disappointed that I didn't get to sing my high note," Elizabeth told ABC News. "But I was still very happy."

As hockey fans bellowed the last line "home of the brave," the stadium cheered, Elizabeth smiled and the home team went on to break their five game losing streak.

Elizabeth walked off the ice with her head held high but whispered in her mom's ear, "I'm so disappointed."

However, no one else was.

"She was our good luck charm," said Dorothy Hughes, who added that her daughter has been "so excited" about all the recent media attention.

An alumni of the Theatrix Summer Program and a member of the Virginia Children's Chorus, Elizabeth has her sights set on singing.

Her mother is also a singer and noticed her daughter's voice when she started talking and they sang their first mother-daughter duet when Elizabeth was in preschool.

Her father, a retired Marine and an avid hockey player, heard his daughter belt out the national anthem at a swim meet last summer and suggested a repeat performance at his favorite sporting venue.

The Norfolk Admirals accept audition tapes for national anthem singers and Elizabeth's tape was selected in December for the Jan. 7 performance date.

Technical glitches aren't uncommon with wireless microphones, but immediately after exiting the ice, the Admirals' Community Relations Director, Millie Lomax, invited Elizabeth back for an encore performance on Feb. 5.

Elizabeth immediately accepted the invitation. "I hope I can sing the whole thing next time, by myself," she said.

Will the 8-year-old be singing anywhere else soon?

"We hope so," said Dorothy Hughes. "We'll see who else invites her."