Hugh Jackman Joins the 1,000-Pound Club

Find out what this means.

May 12, 2015, 10:31 AM

— -- Hugh Jackman just joined the 1,000-pound club.

The "X-Men" actor posted a video to Instagram with his deadlifting some serious weight. You have to take into account that Jackman is 46 and is in better shape than 99.9 percent of men out there. Plus, he's the Wolverine!

According to Muscle and Fitness, the 1,000-pound club is "355 squat, 235 bench and 410 deadlift in a 3-hour timeframe.”

An F-bomb makes the deadlift video not suitable for work, but here he is celebrating.

"Made it into the 1000lb Club!!! 355 Squat. 235 Bench. 410 Deadlift. Between 8a-11a. More to come. #DOGPOUND," he wrote.