What to Know About Jackie Evancho, Who Sang the National Anthem at Trump's Inauguration

The 16-year-old performed at Donald Trump's inauguration.

After the announcement was made in December, Evancho faced criticism from those who did not want her to sing. However, she told ABC News earlier this week that her family and fans helped her get through the hard times.

"I have a lot of positivity from my family and that’s really what matters to me," Evancho said. "All of my true fans have been there for me and supportive and that’s really all I need, so I’m sticking to it."

If you still don't know who Evancho is, here are a few things to know.

She has met Trump before.

After placing second on "America’s Got Talent" in 2010, Evancho got to meet Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Trump isn't the first president for whom she has sung.

She became the youngest solo artist to go platinum at age 10.

She has three siblings, including a transgender sister, Juliet

Born Jacqueline Marie, Evancho was raised in Pittsburgh with her three siblings. Her father owned a security company and her mother a fashion business. Last year, her oldest sibling transitioned from Jacob to Juliet and made her public debut beside her famous sister at the Global Lyme Alliance’s annual gala.

"I actually cried because what worried me was that she was going to get teased," Evancho told People. "She told me she was transgender, and I was actually very happy for her because she finally found herself, and she can be who she wants to be."

Evancho also has a younger brother, Zachary, now 13, and sister, Rachel, now 12.

She loves love stories.

Evancho counts "Titanic" and "The Notebook" as two of her favorite films. "Without fail, love story types of movies can make me cry," she told the website SheKnows.

She even taught herself to play the piano because she was so moved by the "Titanic" theme.