Japanese Teen Riffs Her Way to Air Guitar World Championship

There's a new air guitar world champion.

— -- There's a new air guitar world champion.

Japan's Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura blew out the competition Friday with a rollicking performance - with no guitar lessons necessary.

The 19-year-old was one of just 16 final competitors all fighting and strumming for the title during four-days of fierce competition in Oulu, Finland.

Contestants are judged by a jury of five air guitar "experts" on their originality, stage presence, technical merit, artistic impression, "airness" and ability to be taken over by the music.

Nagura won after an “air-off” with the current U.S. champion, Matt “Aristotle Burns, riffing her way to the top with plenty of head banging and arm windmilling.

The competition was so fierce that last year’s winner, Eric “Mean” Melin, ended up in third place this year in spite of a strong effort.

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