Sizing Up Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker

Rivals on the big screen, how do Aniston and Decker compare in real life?

May 07, 2010, 3:24 AM

May 7, 2010— -- Jennifer Aniston has a body that women half her age would kill for.

But reports surfaced earlier this week that the 41-year-old former "Friends" star flew her personal trainer, Mandy Ingber, to the Hawaiian set of her new movie after seeing her on-screen rival, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, who, at 23, is little more than half Aniston's age.

Aniston's spokesman, Stephen Huvane, dismissed the reports.

"Jennifer has a trainer she works with all year round and has not specifically flown her in to Hawaii after seeing Brooklyn Decker," he told "That's just plain silly."

Other reports claim Aniston dropped seven pounds in seven days on a baby food diet she started on the set of "Just Go With It," a film about a love triangle between her, Decker and Adam Sandler. The film also stars Nicole Kidman.

So it seems Aniston keeps her figure svelte the old fashioned way: with a finely tuned exercise program.

"Jennifer maintains a slim physique and tends to start off in pretty stellar shape," Aniston's trainer Ingber told InStyle magazine last year. "We blend yoga with toning exercises and cardio."

Aniston opened up to Self magazine in 2006 about how yoga has bettered her mind and body since she started practicing in 2005.

"My legs got leaner," she said. "My arms got strong. I've maybe even grown half an inch from aligning my spine. But that's all just cherry on top. When you're holding a pose, you learn to be patient with yourself. You'll get there, and if you fall out of it, it's OK. It's not a contest. It's not a race. It's just life."

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