Jeremy Renner Is 'All for' Salary Equality for Women

He is "all for" actresses making equal pay, his rep says.

ByABC News
October 22, 2015, 1:07 PM

— -- Jeremy Renner is clarifying short comments he made during a recent interview for the new "One Life/Live Them" campaign, where the conversation turned to wage equality, especially involving his "American Hustle" co-star Jennifer Lawrence.

When asked what he thought and whether he would negotiate alongside actresses for equal pay, he said, that's "not my job," which he meant in the most literal sense, his rep says.

"The context was that he is all for women or anyone having salary equality, but that's someone else's job to handle and not his," his rep told ABC News. "He is most supportive, but doesn't involve himself in those conversations, so when asked, he was basically saying that.”

Renner, 44, also took to Twitter to say, "SHOW me what you do, I'll stand by your side, only TALK about want you do, I can only listen. #actions #talkischeap #LoveWins."

His tweet and statement came after numerous headlines picked up on the line that's "not my job."

In the original interview with Business Insider, however, the actor did explain, "I don't know contracts and money and all that sort of stuff" and that of course he supports actresses’ getting equal play in Hollywood, but he doesn't involve himself in what others are making. Instead, he focuses on his job of acting.

This all comes after Lawrence wrote an essay on Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lenny, about how she made less than her male counterparts for "American Hustle."

Lawrence's long-time collaborator Bradley Cooper immediately defended the Oscar winner.

"It's about changing that mindset and sticking up for yourself," he told E! News when hearing of the essay. "So that's a great thing."