Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart on When Kids Ask About Wealth and Fame

Seinfeld tells his kids when they ask if 'we're' rich, "I am. You're not."

They're also both trying to figure out how to raise down-to-earth kids despite their wealth.

"You know what I say [when they ask if 'we're' rich]?" Seinfeld asked Hart in the newest episode of his series, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." "I am. You're not."

Seinfeld, 60, is raising three children, Sascha, 14, Julian, 11, and Shepherd, 9, with his wife Jessica. Hart has a daughter, Heaven, 9, and a son, Hendrix, 6, with his ex-wife Torrei. When discussing when their kids figured out that their dads were famous (Seinfeld said it happened in the second grade), Hart said that Heaven didn't even bother to ask about his celebrity.

"My daughter got right to the point: 'Dad, are we rich? Are we rich, yes or no?'" Hart told Seinfeld with a laugh. "I said, 'Baby, we're doing well, but understand why.' I said, 'When you work hard, you put your mind to something, anything can happen and that's what I want you to do.'

Raising kids this way is a bit mind-boggling for Hart, who grew up in a rough area of Philadelphia. The character-forming events in his life are things that his kids will never experience, he said.

"It's gonna be different for them," Seinfeld told him. "Your problem was, things are bad, I gotta make it good. Their problem's gonna be, things are good, why do I feel bad?"