Jessa Duggar Is 'Super Excited' About Having Children

"Whatever God's plan is, we’d be good with that," she said.

ByABC News
September 1, 2014, 5:18 AM

— -- Jessa Duggar and her fiancé Ben Seewald have already begun planning their wedding.

They've also started talking about having children too.

"Whatever God's plan is, we’d be good with that!" Duggar told ABC News, when asked how many babies they'd like to have. "It's probably not possible for me to have 19 kids naturally, but we might adopt and get up to that number."

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Duggar, 21, recently announced that she and Seewald, 19, hoped to be wed before the year was out. The planning will be featured on her family's reality TV show, "19 Kids & Counting," which premieres Sept. 2 on TLC, as well the baby talk -- not that they're letting it get to them just yet.

"We both love kids," she said. "We'll play it by wear as we go along. We’ll see how it goes!"