Jets Coach Sal Alosi Trips Player During Game

Photo: Sal Alosi Intentionally Trips Miami Dolphins Nolan CarrollPlayABC News
WATCH Jets Coach Trips Dolphin's Player

New York Jets assistant coach Sal Alosi admitted to intentionally tripping Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll, who was running along the sidelines while covering a punt during Sunday's game.

"I made a mistake that showed a total lapse in judgment. My conduct was inexcusable and unsportsmanlike and does not reflect what this organization stands for," Alosi said in a statement.

"The team is reviewing the situation and is looking into the appropriate next steps," Jets public relations chief Bruce Speight said in a statement Sunday night.

The video shows Alosi leaning in and using his knee to trip Carroll, who went tumbling to the ground on a punt in the third quarter. Carroll was not injured during the play.

"I just remember running and then next thing I know I'm on the ground, 'What happened?'" Carroll said to ESPN. "I remember I split the double-team and after that couldn't tell you what happened."

The Jets lost the game 10-6.