Faux Joe Biden makes a touch-y, feel-y appearance as guest star Jason Sudeikis on 'SNL'

Joe Biden has been in the news for inappropriate contact with women.

It did not work out so well.

Former cast member Jason Sudeikis returned to play Biden. He opened the sketch getting a little too intimate with his female adviser, played by Cecily Strong.

"Joe's a good guy, he means well, he's just a little behind the times," she said. "If you're really gonna run in 2020 you have to change the way you interact with people."

His staff decided to bring in a consultant to deal with his issues.

"I'm a hugger and I'm a little bit of a sniffer, but the last thing I want is to hurt people," Biden said.

Sudeikis' Biden asked if it was OK to nuzzle his nose with potential voters, because "I'm 1 percent Eskimo."

"What about during that handshake I tickle her palm a little bit?" he asked.


"Even on her birthday?" Biden asked, confused.

Biden said he'd really learned nothing from the lessons, but "the important thing is that I'm listening, that I hear you, and that I feel you."

He then made an "announcement" -- not that he was running for president, but, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!"

Biden, who has yet to officially announce his bid for president in 2020, was accused of smelling a woman's hair and kissing her on the back of the head in a column in The New Yorker this week. Several other women have come forward to say they also felt uncomfortable in their interactions with Biden.

He earned further condemnation on Friday when he joked about previous his conduct while he was at a union event.