Donald Trump celebrates the end of the Mueller report on 'SNL'

Robert De Niro made a cameo as Mueller -- maybe for the final time.

March 31, 2019, 12:20 AM

The real Donald Trump celebrated the end of the Mueller report this week, so you know the president's least-favorite program, "Saturday Night Live," was going to do the same.

Alec Baldwin returned as Trump, while Robert De Niro made his now-expected cameo as special counsel Robert Mueller and Aidy Bryant joined the show's trend of gender-bending impressions as Attorney General William Barr.

The news trickled downhill from Mueller's 300-plus page report to Barr's "almost four page" summary to Trump's tweets -- of course.

"Sean Hannity has read it and he's so excited he texted me an eggplant," Baldwin's Trump said.

To the news of everyone indicted in the probe related to Trump, Barr responded they were "good people" and Trump responded, "The pardons are already in the mail."

And of course Trump further implicated himself.

"Russia, if you're watching, go to bed, daddy won!" Baldwin said.

We also got a visit from Trump's brilliant legal mind: Kate McKinnon playing Rudy Giuliani.

"I guess my legal strategy worked," Giuliani said. "If you want to know my legal strategy you'll have to ask the family of goblins that live in my head and hold my eyes open."

We'll have to see if this was De Niro's last appearance on the show as Mueller, now that the report has wrapped up in real life.

Vladimir Putin, played as usual by Beck Bennett, made an appearance in a sketch later in the show where he pleaded with his staff that the Mueller report was wrong and he really did control Trump.

"Is Trump work for Russia or not?" an aide asked.

Putin reluctantly answered "no," to the disappointment of his staff.

"I do most of what people think," Bennett's Putin pleaded. "I'm still a powerful, scary guy!"