John Legend Officiates His Dogs' Wedding for Charity

The singer presides over a wedding of his bulldogs in a funny video for charity.

In a hilarious new video, the singer performs his hit love ballad "All of Me" to the dogs, who were dressed in a tuxedo and bridal gown.

More than just laughs, the video is part of a campaign by the singer to raise money to renovate the auditorium of South High School in his hometown, Springfield, Ohio.

A $10 donation to Legend's charity, The Show Me Campaign, which aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing every child with quality education, will qualify you to win a chance to have Legend perform at an event of your choosing -- wedding, backyard BBQ, even a toddler's birthday party, as long as "there’s no clown," he said.

Legend also promised on the campaign website to "dedicate a song to you and yours, let you perch yourself on the piano and maybe we’ll even do a Chopsticks duet! (I’ll take the hard part)."

Higher donations come with their own rewards, such as a T-shirt of the canine bride and groom, a framed, autographed song sheet of "All of Me," tickets and backstage passes to a Legend concert, and lunch with the man himself.

Check out the video below: