The Strangest Celebrity Items Up for Auction

PHOTO: Strange Celebrity Auction Items
Omega Auction House

Some people will do anything to get closer to their favorite celebrity, even if it means shelling out major dough for her used tissue or or his leftover french toast. Click through to see some of the strangest celebrity items that have ever been put up for auction.

PHOTO: Strange Celebrity Auction Items
Omega Auction House
Imagine... Owning John Lennon's Tooth

The late musician's extracted molar is expected to fetch at least $16,000 when it hits the auction block next block next month at Omega Auctions, a UK-based auction house that handles music and movie memorabilia. Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, sometime between 1964 and 1968, when she worked for the musician. Jarlett's son, Barry Jarlett, told the BBC that Lennon said: "Dot, will you dispose of this," then changed his mind, suggesting that since her daughter was a Beatles fan, "you can give it to her as a souvenir." The buyer of the tooth will also receive a sworn legal affidavit attesting to the authenticity of the tooth and signed by Dot Jarlett.

A Lock of the King's Hair

Clippings of Elvis Presley's hair sold at an auction in 2009 for $15,000 -- a major dip from a 2002 auction where a lock of Prelsey's famous black hair went for nearly 10 times as much. The clippings reportedly came from 1958, when Elvis had to cut his hair in order to join the army.

Gary Coleman's Sweat Pants

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel bought late child actor Gary Coleman's Size 12XL-Regular Gap Kids sweat pants in a 2008 eBay auction. Coleman, who died in 2010, placed the pants on the online auction site to help pay his medical bills. They originally attracted fake bids as high as $400,000.

Ha-Choo! Scarlett Johansson's Tissue

Only Scarlett Johansson could turn a used tissue into thousands of meals for hungry people. While appearing on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the actress blew her nose, and with the help of Leno, placed it in a bag, which she signed. The tissue sold for a whopping $5,300 on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting USA Harvest. Johansson joked that the tissue had "value," since she said she caught her cold from Samuel L. Jackson.

Justin Timberlake's Leftover Breakfast

One diehard fan of the singer bought Timberlake's leftover breakfast -- for an astounding $3,154. After a morning interview in 2000, a DJ at New York radio station Z-100 decided to place the N-Sync singer's breakfast up for auction. The winning bidder, who was a teenager at the time, told Z-100: ''I'll probably freeze-dry it, then seal it ... then put it on my dresser." No word 11 years later how the breakfast confection is holding up.

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