John Stamos, Britney Spears Star in 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Celebrities read social media put-downs, and their reactions are hilarious.

Stamos was forced to consider the look of his navel.

“Guys, John Stamos has a gross belly button,” he said, reading someone’s Twitter post.

“That’s f****ed up. I don’t …”

Stamos lifted his shirt.

“Hmm. He’s right,” Stamos conceded.

“Quit forcing your suckage on me you tired hag!” the person wrote, causing Spears to grin.

“Does Gerrard Butler have a massive student loan or something? Is that why he does all these s*** films?” a Twitter user wrote.

No, Butler doesn’t have student loans, “I just do all these s*** films,” he said.

“How old is bob Newhart now, about 120?” Newhart read. For the record, he’s only 85.

“I hope you all have a great weekend! Except you, Lisa Kudrow. F*** you,” Kudrow read, cackling.

“If an alien landed here and demanded a famous person to eat, I’d drive straight to Adam Sandler’s house with a net,” a person wrote, causing Sandler to approach the camera, “Happy Gilmore”-style, returning the viral vitriol with a mock threat of his own.