John Travolta Introduced Himself to a Stranger at the Gym at 3 a.m.

"'Hi I'm John,' he said. That's exactly how it happened," the man told ABC News.

— -- Justin Jones was just off work and decided to hit the gym around 3 a.m. earlier in the week.

The Ocala, Florida, resident works late and sometimes heads over to the local Planet Fitness to get a quick workout in before heading home.

Two days ago, he was at the gym and a familiar face walked up and introduced himself.

"'Hi I'm John,' he said. That's exactly how it happened," Jones told ABC News.

"I said, 'Yeah, I know who you are!'"

"We had a fairly long conversation," Jones said about the 15-minute chat.

Jones has been watching some of Travolta's classic "Welcome Back, Kotter" episodes and he told him he was a fan.

"He seemed very flattered by that," Jones added. "He asked a lot of questions about if I was married and If I had kids. The time just flew by."

To share the news with his wife, Jones didn't tell her when he got home or the next morning, he made it a surprise.