Johnny Cash's Son Taken Into Custody for Stripping in Airport

Police say he was intoxicated, but cooperated with authorities.

Police said that they were told by security that Cash, 44, had removed his clothes inside the airport on Monday and that police found him to be intoxicated when they arrived, so they held him in custody.

The son of the legendary "Ring of Fire" singer was "certainly cooperative with authorities," the spokesman for the RCMP said.

He was held by authorities until he had time to sober up and then released. Charges are not being filed by police.

Earlier in the year, Cash made headlines when he did a Reddit AMA and told fans what his famous father taught him in life.

"The best advice my father gave me was not something he said. Or instructed. It was the way he lived his life. Towards the end of his life, my father was struggling and in pain, going blind, and sickness was taking over his body. Still he endured, and not only that, he excelled. And created some of the most beautiful recorded material he ever did for the American Recordings series," he wrote in March.

Johnny Cash died in 2003.

A request for comment from Cash's attorney was not immediately returned to ABC News.