Herman Cain: Jon Stewart Makes Fun of Me Because I'm Conservative, Not Because I'm Black

PHOTO: Jon StewartPlayKevin Fitzsimons/Comedy Central
WATCH Jon Stewart Ups Ante in Fox News Fight

The battle continues to rage. Jon Stewart vs. Fox News and Herman Cain.

First Stewart ridiculed tea party presidential candidate Herman Cain's proposal to limit all federal bills to three pages, mimicking his Southern accent and declaring, "I don't like to read." Fox News hosts called Stewart's impression "racist."

On Tuesday night, Stewart hit back at Fox News' claim, defending himself with a zippy montage of him making fun of everyone.

And now tonight, on Fox News's "Your World" with Neil Cavuto, Cain addressed "the Stewart situation," saying, "I think he took a shot at me not because I'm black, but because I'm a conservative."

Citing what Cain calls a "double standard," he told Cavuto, "If a conservative comedian had done that relative to Barack Obama, they would have been calling for somebody's job or have their heads cut off."

It's a battle between Stewart and Fox News that may be self-serving for both sides (not to mention giving Cain a shot of publicity), but at least on "The Daily Show" front, it's produced some pretty entertaining TV.

Defending himself, Stewart looked to an unlikely source for ammo: himself.

"Well, if my ridicule of silly things using bizarre caricatured voices has given Fox what appears to be several days of very strong programming, your cup's about to runneth over," he declared, throwing in a dramatic finger wag for good measure. "Grab a knife and fork, Fox. I have turned my crack research team on myself."

"The Daily Show" then rolled a montage of Stewart doing a smorgasbord of over-the-top accents, from Italian-American to Jewish to Mexican and beyond. The point: Stewart does not only make fun of black conservatives. He makes fun of everyone.

Cain's appearance tonight on Cavuto's "Your World" was the latest in what's been a nearly two-week-long feud between Stewart and Fox News, which kicked off when Stewart guested on "Fox News Sunday" on June 20 and got into a heated discussion with host Chris Wallace. Before it was over, Stewart accused Wallace of being a mouthpiece for a right-wing propaganda peddler and Wallace accused Stewart of pushing a left-wing agenda while pretending to be an agenda-less comedian.

It's unclear when the dust may settle. Fox News didn't factor into the Wednesday edition of "The Daily Show." Instead, Stewart led with a segment about the solutions Democrats and Republicans have proposed to reduce the deficit, both of which, in Stewart's world, result in calamity.

But tonight, with Fox News keeping the debate alive, all viewers can do is stay tuned. And enjoy the show.