Jordan Branch Opens Up About Her Return to 'The Bachelor'

The former contestant dishes on the other women and who's best for Chris Soules.

February 5, 2015, 5:15 AM

— -- On Monday night, "Bachelor" viewers watched Jordan Branch, who was eliminated in week two after having way too much to drink, attempt to return to the show.

Chris Soules ultimately told her that to let her come back would be unfair to the other women, but Branch has no regrets about trying.

"I wanted to do what I could as far as trying to mend this. I didn't want to be known as 'the drunk girl,' and I didn't get to spend that time with him," she told ABC News. "I didn't want to have regret, and I felt like I would."

That didn't make the second rejection any easier. Branch, who said she paid for the trip to New Mexico herself, said that after being asked to leave again, she cried in her hotel room.

"I was so exhausted after talking to him and the girls and having to answer to everybody," she said. "It sucked. I was kinda thinking, 'That was really stupid. Why did I do that?' I felt embarrassed."

Still, she watched the show earlier this week, said that it really was as tense with Ashley I. as it seemed. However, she was happy to see her other former housemates. Whitney, who defended her to Ashley, should be the one who wins Soules' heart, she said.

"She's gotta be it. Seeing him with Whitney, I haven't seen him talk to anybody the way he talks to her," she said. "I just see it [as] meant to be."

Despite the fact that she didn't make it to the finale of the show, Branch said that one perk from being on it was that she learned more about herself -- including that she needs to limit her alcohol intake.

"It definitely changed the way that I will behave in public! That’s not the image that I want for myself," she said. "And I do want to get married, but this might not be the best time in my life [for that]. I still have growing up to do -- and fun to have, probably!"

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