2015 People's Choice Awards: Kaley Cuoco Forgets to Thank Husband After Winning

What her "Big Bang Theory" co-star and ex Johnny Galecki did instead is amazing!

ByABC News
January 8, 2015, 11:14 AM

— -- What do you do when you forget to thank your husband of just over a year after you win a 2015 People's Choice Award?

"Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco, 29, forgot to thank husband Ryan Sweeting when she won for Favorite Comedic TV Actress, but her ex and co-star Johnny Galecki stepped in and did it for her when the show won its award for Favorite TV Show.

Galecki, 39, who has been known to always be a class act, walked up to the podium and probably made his best joke yet.

"Hey, just real quick, I'd like to take a brief moment, because Kaley forgot during her speech to thank her husband, Ryan," Galecki said. "You are my heart, and I can't imagine what I'd be without you."

Cuoco was definitely in on the joke and patted her ex on the back.

Cuoco and Galecki dated for about two years in the mid to late-2000's and have obviously stayed friends after the split.

Well played guys, well played. Check out the video below!