Kanye West Was Supposed to Call Beck About the Grammys But Forgot

PHOTO: Winner for Album Of The Year Beck reacts as Kanye West leaves the stage at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Feb. 8, 2015.PlayRobyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images
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Kanye West feels bad about slamming Beck's album "Morning Phase" earlier this month at the Grammy Awards. In fact, he was supposed to call the Album of the Year winner, but he told Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" today that he just keeps forgetting.

In fact, he called his Beck diss and comments on artistry "completely hypocritical."

"The other day I went out to dinner with Taylor Swift and ironically they were playing the Beck album," he told the station. "I was like, 'Man, this is kind of good. I ain't even gonna lie'"

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He added that he hadn't heard Beck's album before the Grammys and that, "I got his number, and I'm supposed to call him, but just keep forgetting."

But Kanye was still Kanye this morning and didn't back down that him crashing the stage during Beck's acceptance speech, followed by strong comments about Beck's album after the awards show was actually good for Beck.

"The person that won the most was Beck, because if I hadn't done that, his Album of the Year would never be mentioned," he added. "Now it's in all the chatter. 'Kanye West messes up again.' I'm already the enemy, so you can't get no worse than the villain."

He also thinks Beck should have only won a Grammy for Best Rock Album, not Album of the Year. Like he said after the awards show, he believes that should have gone to Beyonce.

"I think Beyoncé is a great representation of an artist working hard and trying her best and getting the results from it," he said.