Kanye West's History of Outbursts

Kanye West is known for his history of public outbursts throughout the years.

September 14, 2009, 12:29 PM

September 14, 2009 -- With his controversial comments, the 32-year-old rapper Kanye West continues to make a name for himself. "I'll always push the envelope, try to get a rise out of people, and try to entertain them too," West once told Time Out London magazine.

The rapper's latest outburst occurred during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when he stormed onstage as country singer Taylor Swift accepted her Best Female Video award.

West took the mic from 17-year-old Swift, shouting, "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!"

He then shrugged and walked offstage, leaving a stunned Beyonce, a booing audience and a speechless and visibly emotional Swift on stage.

Late Monday he took to his blog again to compare the incident to the movie "Meet the Parents." "I feel like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents" when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave," Kanye wrote. "That was Taylor's moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry."

2007 MTV Music Awards

Kanye West has a history of outbursts at the MTV Music Awards. In 2007, the rapper declared that he would "never return to MTV" after Britney Spears was chosen to open the show instead of him. West performed his single "Stronger" in a suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas for the show, rather than on the main stage like Spears.

At a pre-VMA private performance, West said during a song, "I can't believe she [Britney Spears] would perform. She hasn't had a hit record in years."

He did not win any awards in the five categories to which he was nominated. He went on a tirade backstage, saying, "That's two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance. I'm trying hard man, I have the … number one record, man."

He went on a radio station in New York City after the show, saying, "I wasn't mad that I just didn't win any awards. For me, [MTV] made it seem like performing on the main stage was a bad thing, and the suites were just so great. It was my dream when I made 'Stronger' to open up the VMAs with a real power performance."

2006 MTV Europe Music Awards

West's run-in with Taylor Swift was not the rapper's first time interrupting another artist's acceptance speech. At the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards, West got on stage after his video "Touch the Sky" lost to Justice and Simian's video "We Are Your Friends."

In a speech full of expletives, West took the mic from the duo and exclaimed that his video should have won because it "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. … I was jumping across canyons. … If I don't win, the awards show loses credibility."

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