Kate Middleton and Prince William: How the Royal Couple Is Just Like Us

The royals aren't immune to everyday chores and tasks.

ByABC News
August 4, 2011, 3:13 PM

Aug. 5, 2011— -- Prince William and Kate Middleton are the couple of the moment. Their every move is watched by the paparazzi. Their style is coveted and imitated. And, of course, their wedding this past April stole the hearts of romantics all over the world.

But the seemingly untouchable "super couple" is actually ... well, normal. Yes, Kate's "something borrowed" may have been the queen's Cartier tiara, and Will has grown up with the title of His Royal Highness. But some of their day-to-day habits are the same as the rest of us, like grocery shopping and setting up a new home. Here are some more:

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1. They Travel Coach: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don't always need a private jet to get from A to B. Take last weekend's wedding between Will's cousin, Zara Phillips, and rugby player Mike Tindall in Scotland. According to the Daily Mail, Wills and Kate hopped on discount carrier FlyBe to travel home from Edinburgh. A one-way ticket with the low-cost airline runs for about $60, and the couple allegedly had to go through customary security checks like their fellow travelers. Will's brother, Prince Harry, also reportedly flew round trip to Scotland from London with another discount carrier, EasyJet.

2. They Repeat Outfits: In the days of Facebook, even mere "commoners" balk at the prospect of an outfit repeat posted everywhere online. Not for the Duchess of Cambridge. At the same wedding in Edinburgh, she donned two outfits that had been previously worn and photographed; one during her recent U.S. visit and another for a 2006 wedding. Other famous repeats of the duchess include her L.K. Bennett nude pumps and the white Reiss dress she wore in her official engagement photos.

3. They Have Dates: Last month, the couple was spotted on a date at the movies. Taking in a double feature of "Bridesmaids" and the latest "Harry Potter" flick near their Anglesey home, it was a Saturday night fit for any couple -- royal or not.

4. She Shuns Makeup Artists: Kate Middleton's smoky eyes at her April 29 wedding were courtesy of herself. After reportedly receiving bridal makeup training from makeup artist Arabella Preston, she executed the look on her own on the actual day. And after doing her own wedding day look, the Duchess kept it real in Canada and the U.S., putting her newly-acquired beauty tips to good use.

5. They Work on Their Birthdays: Just a short time after his world-famous wedding, the Duke of Cambridge turned 29 like anyone else would -- at work. The Royal Air Force Helicopter Search and Rescue Pilot spent the day at a base in Anglesey, an island off the coast of Wales. He even went in anticipating the potential for a 24-hour workday.

So they have the jewels, they have the attention and they have the titles. But, it very well could be that behind it all, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge really are just Will and Kate, young and happy newlyweds who just happen to be royals.