Kelly Clarkson's Mom Had Surprising Reaction to Her Eloping

Clarkson's mother has a shocking response when she cancelled the wedding.

ByABC News
October 11, 2013, 9:54 AM

— -- Kelly Clarkson is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth singers around, so it would make sense that the Grammy winner's mother, Jeanne Ann, is similar.

When Clarkson, 31, and her fiancé, Brandon Blackstock, decided a few months back not to have a big wedding in lieu of an intimate ceremony with just the couple and Brandon's kids, the singer was worried about telling her mother.

She was pleasantly surprised by her response.

"I thought my mother was going to be [disappointed] because I'm her baby," Clarkson told ABC News last night. "I thought that was going to be weird but she totally got it. She actually responded, 'I'm just happy I don't have to buy a dress!'"

In fact, Clarkson said her mother was relieved she wasn't going to have anything big and grand.

"We are very low-key kind of family," she added. "She was just so happy it's not a big ordeal. She was stressed about it, saying 'Well, the mother of the bride always has to look good.'"

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The "Because of You" singer said she usually puts everyone first, so deciding to have something very small she can truly enjoy - after originally planning a big October wedding - was the right choice.

"[Mom] was happy about it actually that I wanted to do something for me because I usually walk on coals for everybody," she said.

Clarkson spoke to ABC yesterday as part of an event supporting fair trade for coffee growers and teaming up with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to help these workers receive their fair share of profits.

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The former "American Idol" star actually went to Peru as part of the promotion to meet these coffee workers and she said with the wedding coming up, she appreciated the trip even more.

"I'm a new parent now, so it's cool to meet parents whose goal is just to have a better life for their children," she said. "That's what we want too."

As for Clarkson's Tennessee wedding, she said it's going to happen any day now; she's just waiting on two very important guests – her future stepchildren.

"Very soon," she said of when it'll happen. "We are going home tonight right after this concert. Brandon shares custody with his kids, so we are just waiting till we get them back and then we'll take them and go."