Why Kim Kardashian Spent 'Hours' Debating Over Met Gala Accessories

The reality star made a last-second switch to be "more classic."

May 7, 2014 — -- Kim Kardashian loved the strapless blue Lanvin dress she wore to the Met Gala on Monday night but was unsure of her accessories.

The reality star, 33, was photographed leaving the store with a thicker belt and cuffs on her wrists, but when she walked the carpet her wrists were bare and her belt was thinner.

Kardashian explained the last-second change on her blog on Tuesday.

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"It was such a tough decision on how to accessorize. I left the store with a chunky belt and leather cuffs. We were going back and forth for hours if the chunky belt was right," she said. "In the car on our way there we got a glimpse of the carpet, and I decided the accessories were a bit too 'rock n’ roll' and I wanted to go for something more simple and elegant. I switched to a clean black satin belt and strappy heels at the last minute because to me it felt more classic and fit the Forties theme better."

Kardashian felt like she made the right choice and her fiance, Kanye West, liked it as well.

"Kanye also liked it better too. Overall I thought it was the right decision and I loved the way everything came together. Xo," she said.

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Kardashian added on Monday that she's not married to West yet, despite reports otherwise.

After being asked by Vogue whether she should be called Mrs. West or Kim, Kardashian responded, "Still Kim. Mrs. West soon!"