Kristen Bell says Anna will deal with codependency to sister Elsa in 'Frozen 2'

The actress plays Anna, the sister to Elsa in "Frozen" and "Frozen 2."

Actress Kristen Bell has given new details on the highly anticipated sequel "Frozen 2, saying the film " focuses on familial and self-love for sisters Anna and Elsa."

Bell, who was the voice of Elsa's younger sister Anna in Disney's "Frozen" and returns for the upcoming sequel, shared how the new film aims to break the mold for women yet again in an appearance on "The View" Tuesday.

There were several reasons why Bell was "proud" of the first film's success, including that the blockbuster was "breaking the mold" for how women perceive different types of love.

"The reality is in the first one it was really important to us to break mold of talking about romantic love," Bell said of the first "Frozen" film in 2013. "All the movies talk about romantic love."

Bell went on to say that she and the creators agreed that there are "two other kinds of love that are really important to accomplish before romantic love comes along, and that's familial love and self-love."

"I think that's why the movie hit because people were encouraged that there were different types of love out there," she added.

Months before the script to "Frozen 2" was written, Bell said that one of the writers journaled as Anna and Elsa and even went to see a psychologist to discuss the sister's relationship.

"They really tried to make a very authentic human element to these cartoons," Bell said.

When the writers asked Bell what she thought was important for her character, Anna, to face in the sequel, she said, "I want Anna to deal with her codependency, because she lives for everyone else and I often do that."

The issue gave way to Bell's song, "The Next Right Thing," in the film.

"When I'm alone I don't really know what to do or how to function. 'The Next Right Thing,' is a dramatic song, but it asks this question that I was begging for us to explore that none of us talk about, which is what do you do when you don't know what to do. We've all felt that but no one talks about it," Bell said.

"I take a lot of inspiration from my husband and his sort of AA exposure and his sobriety," said Bell of her husband, Dax Shephard. "One foot in front of the other. When I'm feeling anxious and depressed, you just get out of bed and then you walk and brush your teeth, and then you have some breakfast and you take it in tiny little steps. You just do the next right thing."

Continuing to break the mold, Bell told "The View" co-hosts how "Frozen 2" represents men dealing with their emotions is just as important as the film's representations of women, if not more so.

"We do explore the love between Anna and Kristoff much more in this movie, but everyone talks about how Anna and Elsa are represented as women and I -- dare I say -- I think it's more important the things they've done with Kristoff."

"Kristoff is having some huge feelings and he's giving in to them in this amazing, cheesy way," Bell said of the character's power ballad, voiced by Jonathan Groff. "There's two lines that pinpoint why I love his representation in this movie," Bell continues of Kristoff's journey in the film.

"Number one, he rescues Anna from something dangerous in the midst of battle. He swoops her up and the first thing he says to her is, 'I'm here, what do you need?' He doesn't say, 'I've got you, stand back.' He says, 'I'm here, what do you need?'" She said. "In the end, Anna apologizes for something and he looks at her and says, 'It's okay, my love is not fragile.'"

A new podcast from ABC News, "Inside Frozen 2," pulls back the curtain to reveal even more behind-the-scenes details about the making of "Frozen 2" and the creative process behind it.

"Frozen 2" arrives in theaters Nov. 22.

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