Dax Shepard roots for wife Kristen Bell’s on-screen romances: 'The least attractive thing for your partner is jealousy'

Kristen Bell views Dax Shepard's support for romantic roles as a "compliment."

Married couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard support each other's on-screen romantic roles with minimal jealousy because of their passion for storytelling.

Hollywood's "it" couple discussed hard work, trust and jealousy in marriage on Tuesday with "The View" co-hosts.

The transparent couple never shied from sharing details about their relationship, including all of the "hard work" they put into it.

"To be honest, we are pretty open about it because we feel an obligation to say, 'Hey, it's a ton of work,'" Shepard said about his marriage to Bell. "We feel an obligation to share that we started in therapy."

Formerly an addict, Shepard has been sober for over 10 years. In 2012, he told Playboy that Bell "had a hard time believing" he would fulfill the role of a good husband and father.

"For the first year-and-a-half we were together, that was what we battled over almost weekly," he told Playboy.

Onlookers often look at the pair as "couple goals," but they are consistently vocal about the time they put into making their relationship flourish.

"Hard works yields the best results," Bell said on "The View" on Tuesday.

When it comes to seeing his wife's on-screen romances, Shepard admitted he doesn't exactly enjoy watching the love scenes but also said they don't evoke even the slightest strain of jealousy from him.

"When the writing is good, like on 'The Good Place,' I want Chidi and Eleanor to get together," Shepard revealed. "We've been together 11 years! If you can get a little action on TV with Chidi, bring it."

Bell added that her husband will sometimes yell, "Get some babe," while he's watching the show. When she saw him and Minka Kelly together in "Parenthood," she said she did the same.

We're storytellers," Bell explained. "We have a trust in our relationship. Also, I'm complimented that he roots for me because he knows I'm married, not dead."

Sunny Hostin noted the healthy outlook Bell and Shepard have about jealousy while confessing she doesn't feel the same way.

"The least attractive thing for your partner is jealousy," Shepard said of his views. He went on to say that if someone's goal is to keep their partner interested in them and not other people, jealousy isn't an option. "That's actually a repellent."

The couple integrates their easygoing nature into many aspects of their life together. They choose eating leftovers and watching TV shows over afterparties, and try their best to not freak out when their daughters, Delta and Lincoln, get dirty playing outside.

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