Lady Gaga Tops List of Outrageous Celebrity Tour Rider Requests

Lady Gaga's tour rider includes requests for themed meals, organic snacks.

October 11, 2010, 3:51 AM

Oct. 11, 2010 — -- The Lady doth request too much?

Apologies to Shakespeare, but looking at the tour rider demands for Lady Gaga, it's hard not to think of that line. According to a contract obtained by, Gaga, currently on her Monster Ball world tour, requires a bizarre array of food, drinks, decorations and accessories in her dressing room.

The most eyebrow-raising of them all: an oxygen tank.

"She's a young woman, she's got to have good lungs, I can't imagine what she'd be needing oxygen for," said Bonnie Fuller, editor in chief of

Gaga hasn't seemed in the best of health: she's nearly fainted on stage several times and in June, she revealed she was tested for lupus. Maybe that explains the need for extra O2 -- and a banquet's worth of food.

According to the rider, Gaga requests a specific type of dinner for each night of the week. Monday: Barbecue night. Tuesday: Asian night. Wednesday: Mexican night. Thursday: American night. Friday: Carving night. Saturday: Pasta bar night. Sunday: Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Stipulations abound. Fuller says that in the evening, Gaga "likes to have hot soup, but it can't be the same as the hot soup as the one from lunch." She also wants "two steamed vegetables to be approved in advance every night and the type of potatoes have to be approved in advance."

Gaga also requires, for herself, her band and her dancers:

But does anyone believe that tiny Gaga, who infamously said that "pop stars shouldn't eat" and has reportedly struggled with eating disorders, actually consumes a veritable feast after every show?

"I don't, but on the other hand, performing burns a lot of calories," Fuller said. "Shows are two to three hours long. She probably does need to eat to keep up her energy."

And if she wants to relax, she'll do so in style. According to Fuller, Gaga's dressing room must be outfitted with a comfortable sofa, a sofa chair, a full-size dressing mirror, a coffee table, five lamps, and four unscented candles.

A representative for Gaga did not immediately respond to's request for comment.

Gaga's not the only pop star with a lengthy list of demands. Below, a look at more outlandish tour rider requests:


$200 bottles of wine, candles opulent by the standards of Elizabethan England and flowers, flowers, everywhere. A luxury hotel suite? A top of the line spa? No, just Rihanna's dressing room. According to the pop star's tour rider, before going on stage, Rihanna needs to relax in a room that contains a six-foot-long white cloth couch (not leather), six floor lamps with dimmers, and four small, clear, square vases with white tulips. Also on the list: the aforementioned wine and Archipelago Black Forest candles that cost $29 a pop.

Mariah Carey

For her 2010 events, Carey has requested such luxuries as a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, two dozen white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles in her dressing room, according to a tour rider obtained by the Smoking Gun. The songstress is also specific about how she lounges backstage. Her rider requests that the temperature of her room hover at 75 degrees and the furniture in her "living room space" bear "no busy patterns; black, dark grey, cream, dark pink are all fine."

Lil Wayne

Many rappers try to distance themselves from law enforcement. Not Lil Wayne, despite having had run-ins with the law for drug and weapons possession. The multiple Grammy-nominated rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, stipulates in his contract rider that four off-duty cops must accompany him between the hotel and concert venue. "This is a mandatory requirement!!!" the rider reads. "Failure to adhere to anything in the security section of this rider shall be deemed a detriment to the safety of the artist and an immediate breech of contract." But Weezy's not going to be getting that type of treatment any time soon -- he's currently in jail on weapons charges.

Mary J. Blige

At the top of germaphobe Mary J. Blige's list? The stipulation that a brand new toilet seat be installed wherever she plays.

Christina Aguilera

Health-conscious singer Christina Aguilera requests real coffee mugs for her java, along with soy milk, soy cheese, Echinacea, vitamin C and Flintstones chewable vitamins -- guess she still hasn't outgrown them.

Paul McCartney

The very vegan former Beatle won't ride in a limo with leather seats or stand for leather or animal print furniture in his dressing room -- not even the fake stuff. And while his meals are obviously vegan, too, the Smoking Gun site points out one lapse on Paul's part. The singer requests 24 bars of Ivory soap -- which contain trace amounts of animal fats. Oops.


Sure, they asked for the standard vodka, cotton socks and "nibbles." But ever the family men, Brit rockers Coldplay also had a sweet request: eight pre-stamped local postcards set to send off to faraway family. So lead singer Chris Martin could send his love to wife Gwyneth Paltrow and the kiddies.


Brit hip-hop artist M.I.A. is particular about her cheese. She requests an organic cheese tray featuring cave-aged Gruyere, Swiss and sharp cheddar, along with organic berries, fresh -- not canned -- olives and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Van Halen

It was the rider that started it all: in 1982, the rockers of Van Halen made an infamous dressing room request: a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones picked out. Little did they know they would inspire music divas and dudes for years to come.

Sona Charaipotra contributed reporting.

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