Late-night hosts find comedy in historic GOP tax plan

Late-night hosts conjure up a view of how the GOP celebrated its new tax plan.

— -- President Donald Trump congratulated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday for passing the Republican tax plan, tweeting "I could've not asked for a better or more talented partner," which caused one late-night host to conjure up a view of how the congressional leader must’ve reacted to the news.

"McConnell was so touched, his neck pouch blushed," "Late Night" host Seth Meyers joked.

He went on to show a picture of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who he said was happier than a criminal who managed to avoid jail time.

"Look how happy Paul Ryan is! He looks like a guy on 'Law and Order' whose case gets thrown out on a technicality," he said.

Over on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon attempted to give his audience a view of Trump’s private reaction to the ambitious tax overhaul.

“President Trump had a very good day. He's very proud. Republicans finally passed his tax bill, which means Trump's about to sign his first major piece of legislation,” Fallon said. “Yep, his chest was puffed out so far his tie was actually at normal length.

"Wow, that's at my waist. Amazing. Look down there -- I can hold water -- I can drink water with one hand. I don't feel like tweeting, I'm a new man," Fallon said in his best Trump impression.

Fallon also noted the White House’s official response to the plan, which called it the equivalent of “pouring rocket fuel into the engine of our economy.”

But Fallon said that may not have been the best analogy.

“If you've ever poured rocket fuel into a regular engine, you know, it ruins the engine,” Fallon said.