Lea Thompson Talks 'Back to the Future' 30 Years Later

Lea Thompson shares memories from the set as the movie turns 30.

— -- Many fans of "Back to the Future" can't believe that it's been 30 years since the movie hit theaters.

Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine Baines in the movie, is one of them.

"It's had a big resurgence. My mother-in-law said, 'My great-grandchild loves the movie!' That's four generations," she told ABC News. "I feel lucky to be famous for 'Back to the Future' because of the fact that [my character in the movie] aged and people aren't freaked out [to see me now]!"

Thompson, 54, has fond memories from the set, which she shared with ABC News.

1. Crispin Glover was quirky: Glover, who played Thompson's husband George McFly, drove a checkered cab and was "definitely a character," Thompson recalled. "He's hilarious and made bold choices -- and they worked." Thompson marveled that Glover was "almost like some kind of French impressionist [actor]. "He committed emotionally in a way that's super-touching," she said.

3. Stoltz getting fired was uncomfortable: "It's always awkward when someone gets fired," she said, adding that they'd already filmed several scenes together, including the opening scene where Marty sees Lorraine as a younger person and a dinner scene. "It adds a certain seriousness to the film."

4. Her make-up process took forever: It took Thompson at least three hours to get into her old-age makeup. "It was a nightmare," she said.

5. Lorraine's wig can still be seen on TV: Thompson took a few souvenirs from the set, including Lorraine's prom dress and shoes, and her wigs. Today, one of those wigs is used by an actor playing a younger version of Thompson in her ABC Family series, "Switched at Birth." "I had it [so] I brought it to set!" she said.