Lisa Kudrow Reveals Something You Never Knew About 'Friends'

Find out which character the execs thought might be too promiscuous.

"When we were shooting the pilot, the network got really nervous 'cause Monica [played by Cox], she sleeps with, on the first date, with this guy," Kudrow said. "He didn't have a name. He was like the salesman guy. They were really nervous that the audience won't like her 'cause she's sleeping with him on the first date [and maybe think] it's slutty."

The network prepared a survey for audience members with questions about how the situation involving Monica and the salesman made them feel, Kudrow said.

"Most of them were like, 'It's fine!'" she said, adding that they seemed a bit irritated to have been asked questions like that.

Kimmel also asked Kudrow if her son Julian is old enough to watch "Friends."

"He's 16," she said. "He's old enough to know he's not interested."

"That was so fun," Kudrow said. "That was a little weird. It was really good."